Residents Against Proposed Foram Group Starland Village Development on Bull St, Savannah, GA.

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2203 Abercorn St - another Foram Parking Deck?

While residents focus their attention on the woefull: Starland Village Parking deck at West 38th and Whitaker St
emails from Open Records request reveal Foram's other parking ideas for City property at 2203 Abercorn St:

Lets try to picture that MPC carpark there:

The "Starland Village" will probably be rammed thru the MPC on Aug 27th with no real thought for the issues such a large development will bring. This will surely create parking stress for residents and businesses in the area. The Thomas Square neighborhood association which has been operating like a Starland Area development rubber stamp so they will be sure to back a parking deck as a fix. A surprising number of Thomas Square Association members live outside the area but operate businesses here or are involved in planning - thats fine but there is no-one whos single interest is as a resident home owner. The balance of this association is off for such a large district which is mostly residential. As soon as the parking issues from the Starland Village development kick in businesses and probably residents to will be clammouring for something to be done and the solution could be a municipal parking deck. Note Clinton Edminster the chairman of the neighborhood association just joined the CAT board.